The KOENIGS are a network of experienced trainers and coaches.
The KOENIGS are an excellent choice whenever the objective is to improve cooperation and enhance teamwork in a playful, engaging way.

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Our clients benefit from our extensive network of excellent trainers and actors.
We collaborate with some of the best improvisational theater troupes around the world. For training sessions in German, English or other languages – THE KOENIGS have the right team of facilitators for you.
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Your team learns how innovation arises. With the help of improvisation exercises. Methods for enhancing creativity. Tools and techniques to promote innovation. Cognitive impulses. Bodywork.


Improvisation is an essential element for agile companies.
Many people find it difficult to let go of rigid frameworks. They experience a loss of security when they have little control over the outcome.
Yet agility requires courage and the willingness to make mistakes.
Agility demands being able to figure out what to do next on the basis of whatever has just happened. Success occurs when freedom, self-guidance, the desire for progress and an ability to focus on the big picture all go hand in hand.

The techniques of improvisational theater provide excellent training for these skills.
The KOENIGS agility training promotes bold developments by teaching how to deal with mistakes, stimulating creativity within the team, and learning to deal successfully with ongoing change.

Leading is a River

With the help of improvisational techniques and acting exercises, participants learn:
- how to assume leadership in the absence of defined frameworks
- the role of personal impact in leadership
- how to relinquish the leadership position when others contribute better impulses
- how to support one another as the leadership role flows from person to person within the team

Team Building

Improvisational theater is a wonderful team-building tool that can be very effective.
Improvisational theater is a playful way to take another position or see things from a different perspective.
Improvisation exercises promote a feeling of togetherness.
Improvisational theater can be used to supplement and enhance team-building efforts.
Improv is fun.

Team Building

We offer...

Improv workshops
Improv training
Theater workshops
Improvised films
Live audio plays

Team-building sessions for:
Training conferences
Field trips

Periodic courses to anchor creative techniques in your organization.



Clarify team processes with the help of improvisational theater exercises, psychodrama interventions, holistic bodywork and relaxation techniques.

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Change the Game: Game Changer Day

Experience VUCA for a day in an engaging way

Potential topics can include:
Developing an agile mindset
Accepting and active shaping change
Developing change in a collaborative process
Trying out new roles
Mastering challenges in a playful way
Accepting mistakes cheerfully and learning from them
Establishing trust in a VUCA environment

Innovation Day!

An entire day dedicated to innovation – playful, creative and cognitive.
With exercises, games, mirroring, input, feedback, performances and much more.

Potential topics can include:

Innovation through Improvisation
What makes you creative?
Forming ideas, winning people over, realizing concepts
Creativity techniques
Creativity strategies

Innovation Day can kick-start a culture of innovation.

Company Play Day

The entire organization plays along.
You’ve never experienced your work environment like this before.
The KOENIGS can access a virtually unlimited number of game leaders, improv trainers and improv actors.

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Improvisational theater
Acting training
Speech training and vocal coaching
Systemic constellation work
Aptitude diagnostics
Conflict mediation
and many more