Improvisational Theater?
Improvisational theater is a stage show without a pre-written script. The dialog is not written down or rehearsed beforehand. The musicians don’t yet know what they will play. It is all created on the spur of the moment, in the here and now.

What makes improv so exciting? It is the intellectual freedom the performers enjoy. The authenticity of their acting. And above all, the fun they have on stage. Of course, it also helps when the actors are mature personalities and knowledgeable about the world. Their artistic discipline, dramaturgical expertise and careful attention to content are what give improv its special appeal.
Our performance techniques range from improvisations based on a single thought to treatments of complex topics. We can improvise dramatic or funny scenes, or we can present an entire full-length show for the evening entertainment at a large-scale event – guaranteed to thrill your audience.
Philosophy Theater?
Philosophy Theater illuminates fundamental questions and issues.
The audience takes an active part in the discussion. The action on stage demonstrates specific situations.
The topic can be a question of ethics, or it may involve more general issues of concern to humankind, society, politics or a particular company.
Philosophy Theater provides a forum in which people can deal with – perhaps even argue about – controversial topics in a friendly and disarming way:

Our ensembles can be:
- local
- company-specific
- multicultural
- international
- multilingual

Our ensembles have expertise on:
- on-site questions
- local issues
- company themes
- international topics
- multinational subjects
- intercultural aspects

One of the shortcomings or civic and political education is the fact that people don’t really engage with one another any more – at least, not with others whose opinions are different than their own. Increasingly, people lack the skills required to defend their position and offer constructive arguments in the face of principled opposition.

Philosophy Theater represents a playful way to strengthen democratic discourse.
People find themselves enjoying a controversial discussion. Opposing positions are illuminated rather than simply being dismissed. We dive into dilemmas and examine them from every angle.

A dilemma is defined as a situation in which there is no clear right or wrong. Any approach, any decision taken, would also produce a number of bad outcomes.
This may sound rather abstract. But it’s not.
Here are three dilemmas that audiences have suggested in the past, and that we have put on stage:
An audience member volunteered this situation: “Last week my best friend told me he has been cheating on his wife. He made me promise I wouldn’t tell her. But she is also a good friend of mine. Yesterday she called me because she noticed her husband has been acting strange, and asked me if I know what’s going on with him. What should I do?”
Another guest contributed the following situation: “I’m an IT hotshot specialized in computer security issues. I am a vehement supporter of data autonomy and data security. At the same time I am in crippling debt and need a well paid job. Google has offered me a highly paid position in their tracking department. My money troubles would be over immediately. Should I take the job or not?”
Each of these examples shows that dilemmas are complex issues.
People have to take many things into consideration before making a decision.
And no matter what course of action they choose, they will pay a high, personal price.
A woman in the audience found herself in this situation: “My best friend hat a one-night-stand and now she’s unexpectedly pregnant. This is not the right time in her life to have a baby. But at the same time she finds herself wanting a partner and a family. What should I advise her? Should I encourage her to have the baby, or not?”

The goal of DILEMMA DELIGHT is not to find the “right” solution for situations like these.
On the contrary. The objective is to investigate and illuminate the dilemma from every angle, to come up with options and include each and every member of the audience – each and every potential conviction or opinion – in the thought process. And to do it all in a playful, uplifting way.
This makes the “price” of each potential decision clear.
DILEMMA DELIGHT takes a serious approach, but spices up the improvised sketches with entertaining aspects, joie de vivre and a spoonful of sugar. When facing a difficult dilemma, a little humor goes a long way...
Business Theater?
Business theater refers to any stage show commissioned by a business or company.
Business theater uses theatrical methods of expression to communicate the company’s messages and goals. It puts the company’s reality on stage and examines it in a playful way.
Companies reap benefits from our clever, customized, creative and courteous treatment of their issues and topics.

The KOENIGS is one of the best business theater troupes in Europe.
The KOENIGS relies on a pool of performers representing 21 countries around the world.

The KOENIGS merges business know-how with humor in a way no other business theater troupe in Europe can.

Our scenes are built on a foundation of solid knowledge about business and economics.
We have many years of personal experience in management, leadership, business administration, and are well versed in the organizational structures of companies, associations, foundations and government offices.

All of our performers have enjoyed a good education background.
All of them have extensive knowledge of and experience with relevant markets and market segments.
All of them have international experience and cross-cultural expertise.

We can guarantee this because we put together exactly the right ensemble for each respective assignment, by choosing the right actors, writers and directors from our pool of talent. In Germany. In Europe. Anywhere in the world.
Our clients benefit from our many years of experience organizing and executing creative events.
The KOENIGS guarantees a precise briefing so our clients will see a stage show that fulfills their desires and expectations.

We are known for our professionalism and for delivering maximal results.
We guarantee a 100% solution-oriented, constructive attitude when we appear. We are congenial in our dealings with event agencies, directors, technicians and other participants and service providers.
We are also qualified to create, write, stage and execute technically complex performances on our own.
Or we can tone it down and play a small role, if that’s what the situation requires.
We make a lasting, positive impression by ensuring quality, freshness, cleverness, humor, knowledge and enthusiasm.
We are loyal to our clients and cultivate long-term relationships with many of them.

Koenigs Kaiser Impro

Improvisation that inspires and imparts enthusiasm.
The KOENIGS deliver meaningful messages in a fun and entertaining way.
The KOENIGS engage intensively with the themes of the event before going on stage.
We present them in an appealing way, using all the delightful tools of contemporary improvisational theater.
The scenes we invent are set in the world where the target group is at home. The situations are immediately familiar to the audience.
Successes are savored and celebrated. Pressure is released. Fears are banished.
The audience sees itself and its routines in a positive light.
Shared laughter creates a feeling of community.
Whether a sales meeting, company get-together, celebration, anniversary, congress, management meeting, trade fair show, retreats, strategy camp or any other occasion –
The KOENIGS IMPRO SHOW is a genuine highlight of any event.
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Mirroring Theater

Mirroring Theater reprises and reflects upon the messages and moods of any important event.
It’s an excellent tool that distills the group’s dynamics and reviews the event’s contents in an empathetic, humorous way.
It invites the event’s participants to reflect on what they have experienced.
They enjoy an engaging and motivating summary of the important topics and activities.
Core messages are anchored in the emotionally appealing way.

The KOENIGS are experience experts when it comes to summarizing and replaying meetings and events.
We observe or take part in the activities as they are taking place, and subsequently replay them onstage using the tools and methods of improvisational theater. Engaging, respectful, humorous and above all clever.
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Philosophy Theater

Philosophy Theater illustrates and illuminates fundamental questions.
DILEMMA DELIGHT is philosophical theater.

DILEMMA DELIGHT is a fun way of thinking deeply. And 100% improvised.
DILEMMA DELIGHT is a friendly disagreement, a conciliatory confrontation, an engaging examination of tendentious topics.

DILEMMA DELIGHT takes on the subjects other people are afraid to touch.

- Educational institutions
- Social service facilities
- Foundations
- Public authorities and agencies
- Theaters
- Forums and symposiums
- Discussion groups
- Congresses
- Conferences

We stimulate discussion in a variety ways, including conversations with the audience as well as improvised scenes. We illuminate fundamental issues and focus on subjects relevant to the audience. These may be acute dilemmas, general questions regarding politics and society, or concrete topics a company is dealing with.

DILEMMA DELIGHT makes profound issues practical and palpable. The actors are guided by an intense desire for truth.

DILEMMA DELIGHT is amusing at the same time. This makes for a thought-provoking and entertaining session.
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Theater off stage

THEATER OFF STAGE is an up-close-and-personal form of improvisational theater.
It takes place not onstage but among the audience.
And rather like at a restaurant, the guests can “order” their own personal improv scenes.

THEATER OFF STAGE is the right choice whenever you want to stimulate conversation and promote networking at your event. It is relaxed, high-quality entertainment, and the guests always feel respected and appreciated as individuals.

Make a wish – We’ll fulfill it! Sketch * Song * Poem

The KOENIGS are polite and respectful in their dealings with the event’s guests. They strike up personal conversations about the topics at hand. They create a personal connection while reinforcing the core messages.
Guests can request their “very own” improv.
For example, they may ask for a personal poem, a song or a sketch, which is then improvised especially for them, according to their wishes.

DIE KOENIGS fulfill their desires and merge the themes of the event with individual details.
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Musical for a guest

YOUR PERSONAL MUSICAL is a musical homage.
We create a very personal, entirely improvised musical to honor a particular individual.

YOUR PERSONAL MUSICAL is created on the spot, specifically for the person to be honored, and celebrates his or her life achievements.
The KOENIGS address the celebrant with respectful humor, then create sketches and songs about the challenges that have been overcome, success that have been achieved, personal dreams and aspirations.
The KOENIGS consistently strike the right chord and deliver a virtuoso performance featuring a variety of musical styles.
YOUR PERSONAL MUSICAL is an unforgettable moment to crown an unforgettable event.
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Multi-Generational Theater


Companies rely on knowledge being passed on from generation to generation.
Our multi-generational ensemble deals with everyday situations and the prejudices that exist within many enterprises. It reflects upon ways to behave and how to find solutions. The objective is to improve interpersonal relationships and the promote exchange of ideas and knowledge – so old and young can learn from another.
ALL NEW. SAME AS IT EVER WAS shines the light of humor and fun on the topic of intergenerational relationships. Insightful, informative, intelligent – and always taking the audience’s perspective into consideration.
Available as an improv show, a workshop or a training session.
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